This webinar series covers:

#1 Building Your Disaster Recovery Solution on Azure with ASR and NetApp

  • Getting started with your ASR
  • NetApp’s SnapMirror® - enables quick data transfer between your NetApp and Azure environment
  • Ways to optimize to reduce your cloud storage footprint and costs

#2 Enterprise-Class File Services in Azure

  • Discover migration efficiencies for your NAS workloads
  • Best practices for your data governance
  • Advantages of enterprise-class data services in Azure that you’re missing out on

#3 Lessons from Successful Microsoft Azure Deployments

  • Experience NetApp’s industry-leading mirror and cloning technologies first hand
  • Locate similarities between our hybrid cloud examples and your business needs
  • Successful Azure deployments from our customers in the Media, Finance, and Fashion industries

“It is pretty risky work to move all this data and not lose it, Cloud Volumes ONTAP was a perfect solution. We wouldn’t trust any other vendor to help with this.”

Mike Maloney, Vice President of SaaS, Security, and IT at D2L